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Together we'll fight    for Freedom!

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Anonymous #Ops group

I find that anonymous has been dividing into seperate crews ext... and have been dividing for awhile. There has been a lot of talk .. always talk about things being done example: op: "Tyler" leak it all, never happend, all talk, no action. I think a lot of anon's are asleep themselves. There heart may be in the right place, but nothing is being done about REAL CHANGE. I am really excited to work with this crew to make this world a better place. 9 ot of 10 op's fail, and i wan't this crew to be such a force to be recond with that 9 out of 10 op's succeed! I wan't us to be legendary so that other anon's awaken and hopefully follow in our footsteps. Each one of us elite anon's have special ability's and can bring somthing to the table to make this group strong. I am so close to walking from anonymous forever, this is my last effort, it may not be tomorow, or even next month, but with every success, we win, and make things better for the human race.. I would like to tackle big things, that most do not dare touch for risk of jail, but I will risk anything to make real big change! Only the best of the best, If you do not think you can handle, tackle, or risk your lives for this cause then this crew is not for you. This is a serious no drama group who want REAL CHANGE... Fed book is fucked and of course we will have to have a secured channel to do op's on, ext... any and all feed back is most welcome to make this crew a success, and ledgendary... Much peace, Love, and Respect.

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                   R3AP3R KR3W

The soul purpose of this crew is to dox, track and expose Pedophiles, Rapists and those who abuse living creatures who cant defend themselves.

We find their door and connect both worlds the virtual and the real by any means necessary.

You cant escape the reaper and he will always find your door, when your card is pulled.

Dont carry a dead mans hand........
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                               ? Mark...  Anon who?

First of all, I would like to say you're welcome and thank you to everyone out there that has thanked me for work that I've put in.  However, I would also like to say that all the work done is only partly me and is something that you could very easily do yourself also.  Much of what I've been trying to do is support work done by others, all of you.  The power lies in your actions, I am just one person and only have time to do so much(mostly due to money and the way the system works), but together we are strong and we will immanentize the eschaton.  If you don't know how to do something all you have to do is search the web for a tutorial or ask someone to help you learn.  When time allows, we'll put up a tutorials on how to setup a websites, graphics, sounds, social networking, etc.  If there is a demand for any of these we can work on them right away, just request it on the forums.  I've talked with many awesome people in recent times, it's great to know you are all out there.  Keep up the great work!
             Coming together for a common goal.

We are moving toward a new world order, one that is policed by the peers of our world and not any government agency. Power is being transfered to the people who know how to deal true justice and make real differences in their communities. This is the true new world order. Very soon you will all see that governments will fear their people, and the people of those governments will no longer live in fear for their freedom.

A new age is dawning, a new power rising. You are part of this new power. Do not abuse it. Embrace your power to make a difference with responsibility and courage. There will soon be no more written laws. It will be up to you, the global collective, to decide the outcome of each wrong doing, each crime against your peers. Those who abuse this new power will be subject to punishment by everyone else, not just a handful of elected or selected individuals.

Anonymous is an idea. An idea that places the decision making in all of our hands.


We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We are the Faceless.

Voice of the Voiceless.

We stand as One,

But fight for all

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

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